Mia Montesin

Zest Magazine

A youthful publication with bold colours and a cheeky, playful tone.

This was a second-year uni project, intended to embody the enthusiasm and energy of the design student.

Voices in the Multi-Verse

Below are stills from a video integrating personal identity and country within the landscape of sound. The project straddles themes of diversity and unity, showcasing a fluid narrative of Aboriginal Australian voices. These are accompanied by local Indigenous music, organic shapes and collage elements. I have not included the full video as it was intended only for the learning environment.

Peaktime NBN Tracker

This logo supports a website monitoring NBN speeds in the user’s local area. I worked alongside Javascript engineers to incorporate the ethernet cable in the logo form.

Takeaway Bag Design

Created for Beach Burrito Co., this takeaway bag design is a quick trip to Tortilla Town.

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